Saw this recently - managed to catch it as it left cinemas in the UK. Absolutely loved it. Jennifer Kent's direction was superb and the overbearing use of silence was just inspired. Also of note, the two leads: Essie Davis is just fantastic - conveying all the emotions that she does. If that performance isn't award… » 11/28/14 9:07am Today 9:07am

I agree - Routh has been knocking it out of the park with Ray Palmer/Atom. I was very happy to see him 'bounce back' from Superman Returns with his performance in Arrow. I'm not sure how much traction he'd get from a series of his own, however, he already feels a little too integrated into the Arrow-verse for me and a » 11/26/14 9:09am Wednesday 9:09am

The PASTY BARM. Native to my home town of Bolton, England. Basically a Pasty (meat, potato, enveloped in pastry), in a barm cake. While it may look like the most beige food on the face of the planet, it tastes freaking delicious and goes down a reet* treat on a winter's day. » 11/26/14 7:29am Wednesday 7:29am

The Holodeck.

Many and varied:

1. You think video game glitches are scary? What happens when one of these ultra real, hard light characters start going all Fallout New Vegas? I'd lose my ever-loving shit.

2. "My likeness was used in a holonovel: how my 'holoclone' was used in sordid programs" by Dan Entwistle, … » 11/25/14 7:36am Tuesday 7:36am

The Doctor is a terrific character - it could be that he's the one more likely to score any kind of redemption arc. I mean, he's done terrible things but they were mostly to terrible people. Considering what Whitehall did to his wife (easily one of the most disturbingly excellent things this show has done), I'm quite… » 11/20/14 7:12am 11/20/14 7:12am

I'd like it to finish on television, personally. I can't imagine how they would make a theatrical finale to a series that would've run for six or seven series that would - presumably - need to be welcoming enough for newcomers as well as contain the key story threads that would've sustained the series (and its fans)… » 11/19/14 6:53am 11/19/14 6:53am

As much as I enjoyed Frank Grillo's Crossbones in Cap 2, I'm not sure he could carry off the big bad in Cap 3. I hope I'm wrong, of course.

Also: props to Grillo for making The Purge: Anarchy halfway watchable - though that movie did make me realise that Grillo would make an awesome Punisher... » 11/19/14 6:09am 11/19/14 6:09am

This is going to get gross pretty quickly:

I was on the phone to my dad when all of a sudden I was interrupted by another call - the call... of nature. Instead of doing the reasonable thing and hanging up so I could attend to this emerging situation, I instead decided to place my brand new smartphone between my head… » 11/18/14 7:37am 11/18/14 7:37am