I went into Edge of Tomorrow pretty much blind, having not seen any trailers and I was blown away - the creature design was unexpectedly awesome and pretty much everything else about the film had me grinning ear-to-ear. It’s just such a shame the marketing was a shambles, really. » 4/29/15 3:28am 4/29/15 3:28am

Watch Dogs isn’t the best game to benchmark your PC with - even players with super computers were having serious issues with that. I mean, my rig - while not killer - was apparently Recommended Spec (i5 processor, 2gb 770, 12Gb RAM) and I had serious issues playing it on nearly every permutation of video settings. » 4/28/15 7:50am 4/28/15 7:50am

Any time I replay the first Mass Effect, I - at the first available opportunity - open the console and immediately give myself the best armour, weapons, mods and set my Paragon (or Renegade, depending on my inclination) to max. I also bump myself up to the highest level and me and my team basically slaughter our way… » 4/23/15 12:39pm 4/23/15 12:39pm

Into Darkness was one of the most forgettable movie experiences I’ve ever, er, experienced. I could not tell you anything about the plot other than “something something human missiles”. I’m not saying it was terrible - it just left no impression on me at all (which is probably worse than it being shit). » 4/22/15 7:38am 4/22/15 7:38am

I find gullible to the most interesting. In 1856 a waif by the name of Billy Staines would run around London town loudly declaring that the French were executing bulls with a guillotine. This claim was believed and early 19th Century animal rights groups sailed to France to stop this barbaric act. However, when they… » 4/21/15 7:52am 4/21/15 7:52am