OK. Fuck that noise. If they think they can get away with erasing Linda-Fucking-Hamilton from T2 with this time-travel fuckery then they... they... well. They can do whatever the hell they like because they're a major movie studio and I'm some guy on the internet. But damnit they ain't getting my money.

Not so skilled… » 10/29/14 10:52am Wednesday 10:52am

Absolutely fascinating Esther, a great read. I've always been intrigued by these kinds of psycho-sociological experiments. It'd be interesting to see how free discussion operates when the people aren't segregated based on their views. If you were to mix the racists/middle ground/non-racists into the three groups (with… » 10/28/14 7:43am Tuesday 7:43am

The Client was on her way to see The Project for the first time and Director Johns was nervous. She had sunk the GDP of many nations into this project and was keen to see the results as it was nearing completion. Of course, The Director had sent technical specifications, blueprints and scale-model replicas (all to… » 10/24/14 5:39am 10/24/14 5:39am

Of all the possible directions a new Ghostbusters film has been rumoured to go, this is the one I'm excited about. Bridesmaids was (and, well, is) one of the funniest movies I've seen, and a team full of Fey, Wiig, Poehler, Stone, McCarthy and Cardellini (who was brilliant as Velma in the Scooby Doo movies) just… » 9/09/14 1:45am 9/09/14 1:45am

I am insanely excited for Sleepy Hollow to return. Of all the new shows I've watched recently, it was the one that genuinely surprised me. Not just because it was far better that I was expecting (see Past Dan make a silly comment here) but because it's also genuinely excellent television. » 9/08/14 6:19am 9/08/14 6:19am

This year: Generic Attractive Teen realises that the the Evil Government aren't actually good. But evil. Embark on a journey where Generic Attractive Teen teams up with other Generic Attractive Teens and a Token Awkward Teen to take down Evil Government from the inside, via a convoluted sociological game, only for… » 9/05/14 7:24am 9/05/14 7:24am